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Air freight logistics is the transfer and shipment of goods via an air carrier, which may be charter or commercial. This is a popular choice for many in the business of logistics as shipments can be sent from commercial and passenger aviation gateways to anywhere that a plane can fly and land.

Goods transported by air also have the advantage of high-speed, time-sensitive shipments to anywhere in the world, serving invaluable to smaller and mid-sized companies as it allows them to participate in international trade in an expeditious and effective manner. Furthermore, air freight offers the highest level of security as airport controls regulate and manage all cargo entering and leaving certain areas.

Used in conjunction with other forms of shipping, like marine, rail and ground, air freight became widely utilized as one of the central delivery options in importing and exporting at the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Growing exponentially as an industry during the expansion of trade networks and markets in the last 40 years, air freight is now regarded as an efficient means to ship nationally and internationally.

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